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About Us

H-Squared Carpentry was formed to provide high quality carpentry services at reasonable and competitive prices.  Whenever possible, we use environmentally conscious materials and methods.  We continually strive to educate ourselves on alternative construction techniques that conserve our natural resources and emphasize recycled materials and remodeling existing structures rather than tear-down/replacement construction.   We like nothing better than working with homeowners to take an older home and remodel it to meet modern needs of energy efficiency, convenience and comfort.   When requested, we can meet those needs while maintaining the historic appeal of older New England homes.  We are constantly working to expand our network of suppliers and subcontractors so we can solve any remodeling challenge handed to us.   Whether it's a shortage of space, matching old historic details or a desire to avoid the chemicals and synthetics becoming more prevalent in building materials we love challenges and complex projects.   We'll be happy to work with you to find a solution to your special needs that you'll be happy with.  Whether it's a large remodeling project or a small day or two job, we are aware that the work we do needs to last for years to come and you have to be happy with it for all that time.   Contact us for a free consultation and estimate for any project you are planning for your house or property.  We look forward to meeting you.